CMSD Completes Redistricting Process, Adopts Adjusted Voting Division Map

At its second redistricting public hearing on March 14, 2022, the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board of Directors adopted a new, adjusted voting division map. The adjustments account for population changes over the past 10 years, as shown in data from the 2020 Census.  

The District, along with other jurisdictions with by-district elections, is required to reconsider voting boundaries following each decennial census. Based upon the 2020 Census data, there was just enough change in the District’s population to require adjustments to two of the voting divisions. CMSD's demographer, Deborah Diep of the Center for Demographic Research (CDR), was able to adjust two divisions to make the divisions roughly equal again (and within the 10% variance allowance). 

CMSD kicked off its redistricting process in February 2022, with the first public hearing held February 28. Members of the public had the opportunity to participate by providing public comments at the public hearings or by submitting written public comments.

CMSD switched to by-district elections in 2018 through a robust process that involved five public hearings and utilized the Citizens Advisory Committee. After considerable public outreach, the Board adopted the map that created the five voting divisions. 

Following the adoption of the new voting division map, the first election with the new divisions will be in November 2022. Divisions 1, 3 and 5 will be up for election in November 2022, and Divisions 2 and 4 will be up for election in November 2024. 

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