Update: Emergency Repairs Continue on Paularino Ave. Near Jian Way

UPDATE: as of Noon, Friday, May 5, 2023

The Costa Mesa Sanitary District (District) emergency repairs continue at Paularino Avenue east of Jian Way.

The existing sewer that conveys sewage from one side of the storm channel to the other side, has failed. Emergency repairs continue to be hampered by very high groundwater levels. Several groundwater removal wells have been installed and the groundwater level is slowly dropping.

A special robotic unit will attempt to install a patch on Monday, May 8th, to slow the leak so the repair may be completed. The challenge is installing the patch against excessive water pressure - this can be likened to using your finger to seal a hole in your garden hose when the valve is fully open.

One westbound lane, one eastbound lane, and the center lane continue to be removed from service and will remain closed until the work is completed. Only one lane of travel in each direction will be available during the construction work. Additional traffic lanes may periodically be temporarily impacted depending on construction needs.

It is difficult to estimate when the repair will be completed. If the special robotic unit is successful, repairs could be completed by the end of next week.  

The District recommends that commuters continue to use alternate routes as traffic in this location may be delayed during the morning and evening rush-hour period. Updates will be periodically posted at www.cmsdca.gov.  The District may also be contacted at (949) 645-8400 or info@cmsdca.gov  for further assistance.