As-Builts & Atlas


CMSD’s As-Builts are copies of the construction plans for its sewer system. The plans date back to the first sewer projects in 1951 up to the latest additions to the sewer system and they are stored as electronic files in an online database known as Laserfiche. To access the Laserfiche database, please click on the link below:


CMSD’s Sewer Atlas is a collection of maps depicting the current sewer system, including sewer main and lateral locations. The Atlas includes references to the sewer main sizes, manhole depths and As-Built plan numbers for the sewer mains. Like the As-Builts, the Atlas is stored electronically in the Laserfiche database. To access the Laserfiche database, please follow the instructions below:

1. Refer to the Sewer Atlas Maps below to locate the Grid Number that includes your property:

2. Once you have located the Grid Number (#135-#203), open the Atlas Directory and find the map that pertains to the Grid Number. For example, Grid Number 135 is labeled “S-135” within the directory.


If you have questions related to CMSD’s sewer as-builts or atlas, please contact us.

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