CMSD is now processing sewer permits through Cityworks, a system that allows applicants to submit and track applications online through a public access portal. Once plans are received, a sewer permit will be generated in Cityworks, fees will be calculated, and payments will be collected through Cityworks. Applicants can schedule inspections and view all updates regarding the sewer permit through the Cityworks public access portal. Please note that CMSD's plan check process takes approximately 2 weeks. 


A CMSD sewer inspection is required for all projects containing a sewer or pool plan and performing sewer repair work. We request a 2-day notice for scheduling your sewer inspection. 

Contractor License Requirements

CMSD requires certificates of workers’ compensation, general liability, and automobile insurance prior to the issuance of a sewer permit to excavate in the public right-of-way. Contractors must possess an A or C42 license to work in the public right-of-way. For more information regarding our insurance requirements, please review CMSD's Insurance Requirements for Permit Applicants.


Contact the District at (949) 645-8400 during our business hours or email us.

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Sewer Fees4 documents

  • Sewer Connection Fees
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  • Plan Check & Inspection Fees
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  • Capital Facilities Capacity Charges
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  • Demand Charges
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Resources & Requirements7 documents

  • Sewer Permits & Plan Requirements
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  • Sample Plan
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  • Standard Plans & Specifications Manual
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  • Operations Code Chapter 6.03
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  • District Engineer Signature Block
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  • Standard Sewer Notes
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  • Insurance Requirements for Permit Applicants
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