Sewer Inspection Rebate Program

lateral sewer line in a dug out trenchProgram Overview

The Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) offers rebates to eligible residents who perform a closed circuit television (CCTV) video of their sewer lateral or install a clean-out. This program was developed to encourage homeowners to take a proactive approach to sewer lateral maintenance and to prevent sewer backups and spills. Sewer spills can cause expensive damage to home interiors and are harmful to the environment.


  • CCTV from a ground level clean-out to CMSD main = up to $200.00
  • CCTV from a roof vent or a toilet flange to CMSD main = up to $250.00
  • Installation of a ground level clean-out (requires permit) = up to $500.00

What Is A Sewer Lateral?

A sewer lateral is the privately-owned sewer pipeline that connects a residential property to CMSD’s main sewer pipeline. Homeowners are responsible for the entire sewer lateral, from the building to the point of connection (including the connection) to CMSD’s main sewer line. CCTV video inspections allow plumbing professionals to place a camera inside the sewer lateral in order to determine the quality and condition of the sewer lateral.  A clean-out is a capped pipe which provides access to a sewer line. Installing a clean-out allows the owner to more easily clean out blockages and efficiently maintain their sewer lateral.

roots_in_pipeWhat Causes Sewer Spills?

Sewer laterals that are not regularly maintained may become blocked resulting in a backup. Regular maintenance will also remove other potential blockages, such as tree roots, debris, rocks, and grease.

Terms and Conditions

Homeowners may only participate in the program once every five years and are only eligible for one rebate payment (CCTV or cleanout installation), not both. Terms and conditions for this program may change at any time based on the discretion of CMSD’s General Manager. This program is only available for residential properties and not for commercial or industrial properties. Funding for this program is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.  All rebate payments require a previously obtained confirmation number and must follow all of the below requirements:

  • Approval (via confirmation #) must be obtained prior to any work being done.
  • If a ground level clean-out is installed, a sewer permit must be obtained prior to work being performed.  Rebates will not be approved for any installation for which a permit was not obtained or obtained after the work was completed. (Note: Any sewer maintenance work that requires digging will need an inspection from CMSD.)
  • A permit is not required for CCTV service.
  • CCTV rebate requires a hard copy (USB or DVD) of a video inspection from the homeowner’s property to the District main sewer. Video must include the following:
    • Narration and/or show of address, date, and contractor is required.
    • Video must have date and footage counter shown on the video screen.
    • Must include the entire lateral line (from house/building until past the point of connection to CMSD main line).
  • Rebate payments will only be issued to the original applicant at the service address.
  • Approval to participate in program is valid for 3 months after the confirmation # is received.

How to Participate

1. Submit a SIRP program application using the form below.

  • Enter the applicant name, property address, phone number, and email address.

2. CMSD staff provides a confirmation number.

  • Upon receipt of the application, CMSD staff will contact the homeowner via email and provide a confirmation number representing approval to join the program.

3. Homeowner schedules service through any licensed plumber.

  • If applicable, installation of a clean-out requires a permit to be pulled prior to work being performed. CCTV video does not require a permit.
  • CMSD encourages  homeowners  to  obtain  3  or  more  quotes  for  sewer maintenance or repair work prior to selecting a plumber.

4. Homeowner submits invoice and proof of payment to CMSD for reimbursement.

  • If seeking reimbursement for CCTV service, CCTV video in compliance with program terms and conditions must also be submitted.

Please enter your information below and District staff will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your application.