Sewer FAQs

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What is a sewer collection system?

What do I do when there is a sewage backup on my property?

Who do I call when there is a sewage backup on public property?

What is the leading cause for sewage backups?

How can I prevent sewage backups?

How many miles of sewer mainline do you maintain?

How am I billed for wastewater collection (sewer) service?

How does my rate compare to other sewer service rates in the area?

What are manholes?

If I notice missing, damaged or noisy manhole covers (loose fitting) what do I do?

What is an Easement?

Who owns and maintains the Easement?

Who can enter my property?

Can I make improvements within the Easement?

What is an encroachment in an easement?

Are there penalties for locating structures or improvements on an easement?

Can the District address pests or insects within the sewer system?