Kitchen Pails


Collect unwanted leftovers and food scraps (such as vegetable peels, pits, and stems) in your countertop kitchen pail or any alternative container and empty it into the Organics Recycling Cart daily or every few days. 

What Is A Kitchen Pail?

A kitchen pail is a dedicated container used for collecting food waste in your kitchen. Kitchen pails are available for purchase from various retailers, and they usually consist of a container with a lid and a handle so that you can easily empty their contents directly into your Organics cart.

Alternative Food Scrap Containers
food scraps in a plastic container

If you do not have a kitchen pail or prefer to use a different sized container, here are are some other items that can be easily repurposed into a food scrap container:

- Any resealable food package or container: butter/cottage cheese/sour cream container, ice cream tub, coffee tin, glass jar, plastic salad/lettuce tub, restaurant to-go container, etc.
- Brown paper bag
- Large bowl with lid
- Zipping freezer bag

food scraps in brown paper bagLine Your Container for Easy Clean Up!

To avoid odors and messes, your container can be lined with newspaper, brown paper bags, or certified compostable bags, which can be found at many grocery stores and online retailers. 

For a full list of accepted foods and container liners, visit our Organics Recycling Program webpage. Check out the video below to learn more!

NOTE: As of January 2023, CMSD has free kitchen pails available for customers to pick up. Fill out the form below to reserve yours today!


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