Trash & Recycling FAQs

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Does the District recycle?

How am I billed for trash service?

How much does my trash service cost?

How many trash carts are included in my service?

What can I put in my trash carts?

Where do I place my trash cans on collection day?

Does the District collect all of Costa Mesa's trash?

How do I transfer trash collection service to my name?

What is considered hazardous waste?

Can I have Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collected at my curbside?

Where can I drop off sharps and medications for disposal?

Can I request an additional trash can?

What happened to the larger 90-gallon trash carts?

Which holidays result in trash collection delays?

Where can I redeem recyclables for California Redemption Value (CRV)?

Someone illegally dumped large items on the side of the road. How can I report this and have them picked up?