Conflicts of Interest (Form 700)

The California Political Reform Act, (Gov. Code Sections 81000-91014) requires many local public officials and employees to file public, personal financial disclosure reports known as Statements of Economic Interests - Form 700. Under the Act, local government agencies are required to adopt and implement a separate Conflict of Interest Code. Designated Employees and Elected Officials of the District must file Statements of Economic Interests. Pursuant to the District’s commitment to transparency, the Form 700 filings for filers covered under Govt. Code Section 87200 (Board of Directors, General Manager, District Counsel, District Engineer, and other employees) are available online. Click on the links below to view the forms.

Name (Last, First) Position Annual Filing
Bojarski, Dyana Administrative Services Manager  View PDF
Burns, Alan District Counsel View PDF
Burns, Colin District Counsel View PDF
Carroll, Scott General Manager View PDF
Davis, Marc District Treasurer View PDF
Eckles, Brett Board Member (not submitted)
Esquer, Mark District Engineer View PDF
Halfman, Alexandra District Counsel View PDF
Middenway, Noelani  District Clerk & Public Information Officer View PDF
Ooten, Robert Board Member View PDF
Perry, Arthur Board Member View PDF
Schafer, Arlene Board Member View PDF
Scheafer, Mike Board Member View PDF
Tran, Kaitlin Finance Manager View PDF