CMSD Board of Directors Unanimously Approves  $31 Million Biennial Budget

July 3, 2023
CONTACT: Noelani Middenway, District Clerk & Public Information Officer                         
TELEPHONE: (949) 645-8400 ext. 227


(Costa Mesa – CA) The Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) announced the unanimous adoption of its $31 million biennial budget for the upcoming fiscal years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. The budget was reviewed and approved by the CMSD Board of Directors during their regular meeting on June 30, 2023.

The biennial budget incorporates and reflects the CMSD Board’s commitment to providing high-quality wastewater and solid waste collection services to the community, while simultaneously ensuring fiscal responsibility.  The $31 million budget will support a wide range of services and ongoing programs aimed at protecting the environment and public health.

Key highlights of the approved biennial budget include:

  1. Infrastructure Development: A significant portion of the budget will be allocated toward infrastructure development and maintenance projects. The goal of this investment is to ensure the continued delivery of reliable and efficient wastewater collection services. CMSD collects and transmits more than eight million gallons of wastewater per day to Orange County Sanitation District’s wastewater treatment facility in Huntington Beach.
  2. Operational Enhancements: The budget will also support operational enhancements to further streamline CMSD’s processes and optimization of its service delivery, including investments in advanced technologies, equipment upgrades, and staff training programs to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day operations.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: In recognition of the importance of environmental stewardship, CMSD’s approved budget allocates funds to various sustainable practices, such as renewable energy, recycling programs, and pollution prevention measures. These efforts are in line with CMSD’s commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint and promoting a greener, sustainable future.
  4. Community Outreach and Education: The budget includes provisions for community outreach and education programs to raise awareness about proper solid waste disposal and recycling practices. CMSD aims to engage with residents, schools, and businesses to promote responsible sustainable practices and foster a culture of environmental consciousness.

The Board of Directors collectively and individually expressed their gratitude for the collaborative effort between the community, District staff and the Board in developing the comprehensive biennial budget. “The approved budget represents CMSD’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our community while maintaining financial sustainability.  We remain committed to providing excellent wastewater and solid waste collection services, protecting the environment, and fostering community partnerships,” said CMSD Board President Mike Scheafer.


About CMSD: Formed in 1944, CMSD is an independent special district that provides solid waste and wastewater collection services to a population of approximately 118,200 in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and unincorporated Orange County. For more information and the latest CMSD news, visit and follow CMSD on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To get in touch with CMSD staff, email or call (949) 645- 8400.